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The company

Traduko was established in 1991 to provide freelance translations. It started out with a specialisation in European Union reports and software. I translated amongst others Finance Proposals, Directives and European Parliament Meeting transcripts, from both French and English into Dutch.

From 1995 to 1999 I worked for the IBM National Language Service Centre in Amsterdam, and gained much experience in translating computer manuals, software, websites and brochures. During that time I worked with the CAT tool TM2. Since then I have provided many translations in those and other fields for various clients, such as JD Edwards, Sony, MCI, Peoplesoft/Oracle, Navision, Exact, AccountView and Coda. These are mostly translations from English into Dutch, using not only TM2 but also Trados.

During the last few years the range of translations has expanded considerably and now also includes technical and marketing publications, e.g. in the automotive field, for clients like Volvo, Renault and BMW. Please refer to my experience for an overview of the translations I provided since 1991.

Over the years, I have not only provided freelance translations, but also worked on site, for example at JD  Edwards (Denver) and IBM ( Charlotte NC USA and Stuttgart Germany). Many translations are delivered through larger translation agencies, such as Bowne Global Soutions and Lionbridge. However, don't hesitate to contact me directly for company or private translation jobs, either in house or on site.

Traduko's Chamber of Commerce registration number (The Hague, Netherlands) is 27141436.